Why buying your product should be a goal!

Promotional videos will change your business.

Promotional videos tell a longer story. Sometimes they tease you because a product is not ready but they want to build a buzz. Sometimes they show you how choosing their product can make you happy. Sometimes, like in the case of some music videos, the video becomes a composite of a complete event, designed to make the viewer want to see more.



A440 Studio is a respected name in music video production, creating promotional advertising and full album DVDs from live performances. We’ve run cameras for them for almost a decade.

Singer Steve Marko (left) has been working on a three-disc jazz CD and working with some of the greatest musicians in the Twin Cities. I’ve been privileged to have not only seen the sessions but rolled video, too. This is a teaser to build up to the finished release.


This was shot for a business that restores vintage Chris Craft mahogany boats. We had a chase boat to film from the water while I did the onboard material. This boat is 54′ long and a real beauty!

A 007 motif  video was linked to a direct mail campaign to promote prom gowns. We used a VR technique that was very successful, resulting in hundreds of views in just a few days.


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