EVENT Videos

Just to remind everyone what fun they had!

Video to sum up the event experience.

Corporate events and conventions are great for reinforcing a company’s message or for rolling out new products and services. They are also terrific morale boosters, even though not every employee or customer may be able to attend.

That’s where video comes into play. We spend as much time as is desired, working small rooms or entire halls, looking for those moments that sum up the event experience. The end creation is a carefully edited piece that’s embedded in the corporate website, social media, or as a link in email. Because these are so well received, event videos are a great way to start building buzz for the next get together, and that’s a bonus.




We covered a large planning event and created a video that showcased the excitement, the traffic, and the vendors. This video is being used to promote successive events from the same company.

Collected over the course of just one day, these video snippets provide a record of the location, education, and fun the participants had at their annual convention.


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