Award-winning Professional Photographer and videographer in Minneapolis, MN

Meet Chris

Christopher Grey drinks coffee right out of the glass carafe from a Mr. Coffee coffee pot.

About Me

I'm a highly caffeinated professional photographer and videographer in Minnesota dedicated to getting nothing but the best shots possible while bringing out award-worthy performances from anyone who ends up in front of my camera!

Professional Credits

  • Author of 15 books on photography, camera systems, and photographic processes, including the genre best seller, Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers
  • Workshop instructor and mentor
  • Fine Art created for galleries and private commissions
  • Stock photography represented by Arcangel (Spain, Italy, France and America), Transportpix.com, and others
  • Instructional videos produced for Craftsy.com and others
  • National and International photography award winner
  • Husband, father, average golfer, poor dancer
  • A photographer (and videographer) of subtlety and wit